Lighten your carbon footprint, and go green with us!

At Persnickity, we've taken incredible measures to build our beautiful store, using the latest energy efficient machines and recycled material. Here are a few examples of how Persnickity is making a difference:

  • Our custom Persnickity Cleaners Convertabags are an Eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags. Our bags are a 4-in-1 laundry, hamper, duffle & garment bag.
  • We have successfully reduced approximately 70% of the plastic that goes back with our customers orders with our Convertabags!
  • No more pulling apart plastic, paper & staples when you return home with your order… you simply zip down the Convertabag zipper & place your garments in your closet!
  • Our store utilizes the latest solar tubing sky lights that is offered anywhere. These skylights bring in natural outdoor lighting, and allow us to work in a bright & natural environment.
  • On rainy days & evening hours, Persnickity Cleaners is powered by LED lighting. LED is the most efficient lighting in todays market and is virtually non existent within the dry cleaning industry. We didn't stop there... Persnickity's store signs are also engineered with todays most efficient LED bulbs.
  • Our beautiful countertops are made of Cambria Quartz. This unique Quartz material is an engineered stone that has been created using approximately 70% recycled material.
  • Persnickity Cleaners was painted using zero-VOC content. Paints, stains, and other coatings are the second-largest source of VOC emissions, after automobiles. This was a no-brainer for us, and we think that you'll love how warm & inviting the colors are at Persnickity!
  • Persnickity is using the most advanced tagging system in our industry. Heat Seal Labels (HSL) are a great way for us to reduce paper and staples that typically go onto a typical dry cleaners customers garment. These HSL labels are attached to garments and improve the speed and accuracy during detailing, consistent pricing and history tracking for our customer garments.
  • About the size of a tic-tac, the HSL is typically attached so that it's out of site and out of mind. No more pulling apart staples & paper after dressing in the morning, not to mention the tens of thousands of paper tags that won't be going into the trash each year!

Are you tired of accumulating those hangers in your closet and wish you could easily recycle them?

Then Persnickity's Hanger Hamper is the solution for you! Simply place the hamper in a convenient location and add the hangers to it as you remove them from your garments. Bring the hamper back to Persnickity, and we'll clean and recycle those hangers. It's as easy as 1-2-3 and a great way to help protect our planet from adding more waste to our landfills.

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