Persnicky Cleaners is a "PERC FREE" zone

  • OSHA – Occupational Health & Safety Administration.
  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency.
  • WHO – World Health Organization.
  • CDC – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
  • ATSDR – Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry
  • CEPA – California Environmental Protection Agency (Air Resources Board)

What do all of these protection agencies have in common?

Well, for starters, they all agree that perchloroethylene, which is commonly known as “PERC” within the dry cleaning industry, is a known carcinogen.

The state of California declared "PERC" a toxic chemical in 1991 as state health officials informed the air board that it can cause esophageal cancer, lymphoma, cervical and bladder cancer.

In January of 2007, California regulators enacted the nation's first statewide ban on PERC, which is the most common chemical used by dry cleaners. Quoting the state's regulatory commission - "By 2023, no more dry-cleaning machines that use the toxic solvent, will be permitted in the state of California".

At the time of the enactment, approximately 73% or 3,400 dry cleaners in California were using PERC as their main solvent for cleaning & treating their customers garments.

Since 2007, the phasing out of PERC within the dry cleaning industry has been very slow, as it is a costly transition for many cleaners. It is currently estimated that over half of California's dry cleaners are either in part, or in whole, still using PERC to clean.

We are proud to say that Persnickity Cleaners has been a PERC FREE zone since we started our company in 2002!

Our cleaning process consists of wet cleaning, which is a process that uses water and biodegradable soap & hydrocarbon cleaning. We're currently researching other alternatives such as liquid carbon dioxide and liquid silicone for the future.

We're proud to be Persnickity, as we're striving not just to make a difference locally, but globally!

Persnickity Cleaners

Safe, Green, Clean & Reliable!

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